Welcome Home

Winterwood has been designing and building the finest log and timber frame homes in Muskoka and throughout Ontario for years. We specialize in tailoring timeless craftsmanship to your specific needs, and your satisfaction is our first priority. Whether your dream is a rustic cabin or a state-of-the-art contemporary home, our materials and workmanship are second to none.

At Winterwood, our philosophy is to use whole logs in their natural shape -- we don't machine them to uniform dimensions. We join each piece by hand using state-of-the-art tools and centuries-old craftsmanship, and we buy our logs direct from Canadian forests and handle every stage of construction from peeling the bark to staining the finished product, so you can be absolutely sure of the quality of your dream home.

The dovetail joint is a marvel of early engineering: precision cut tails form a strong air- and water-tight joint. The simple symmetry of well-made dovetail joints make a beautiful complement to the patterned lines of hand-hewn log walls. Practically and aesthetically, a dovetail home or cabin is simply timeless.

Before the joinery begins, each log is hand picked and cut to length before our craftsmen hew or "adze" each piece on one or both sides. The result is a unique piece that will be specially fitted to its mates above and below. Once the joinery and assembly are complete, each piece is marked and the whole cabin is loaded onto a truck headed for your lot. Because all of the pieces have been pre-cut -- they can even be pre-finished! -- the raising can often be completed in a single day: the pieces snap together before your eyes.

Like all our materials, we hand-pick every timber that goes into your home--each piece must not only be true and strong but also have beautiful, clear grain. We hand-craft each joint using both state of the art tools and age-old techniques.

A timber frame offers choice for the future by giving you the freedom to expand your home later on. Because the walls between timbers are not load-bearing, they can be removed to make way for another bedroom, a bigger family room, or that breakfast nook you've always wanted.